Soy Candles & Melts Hand Poured in Berlin

 Eco-Friendly  •  Natural Soy  •  Cotton & Linen Wicks  •   Hand Made, Poured, Dyed & Stamped in Berlin  •   Natural Jute Bags •  Sourced Natural Sustainable Materials• Reclaimed leather



Scrummimelts was born in 2014 in the heart of Berlin. Originally from London and having traveled quite extensively there was always a need to find something familiar – something tied to home, especially on those special days when a healing hand was needed to lift the mood. Candles became a stock item that would follow along with the toothbrush, socks and stock little black dress. Eventually, I  started making my favourite trinity of scents in recycled glass jars specially to pack for each journey - which soon became something of a ritual with my Mr Berlin.

Taking much inspiration from previous travels in terms of textures, colours and scents we have created some really beautiful gift worthy products.

The core of our philosophy at Scrummimelts - which means deliciously- melty goodness - is to produce ecologically friendly products which are a real treat for body and soul. Our range includes Soy candles, organic cold process soaps and clays.  All products are individually handmade, and finished in Berlin. To do our part for the environment we only use natural and recycled materials for our packaging; bags, boxes, tissue paper and wraps, and of course our glass jars are the perfect place to store knick-knacks when the candles have been used!

Our philosophy is that everybody deserves a delightful treat every now and again.







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In The Right Light, At The Right Time Everything Is Extraordinary...
— Aaron Rose